Is Early Childhood Education important?

90% of brain development happens before the age of 6. Hence, early childhood education is the key to a flying start for every child.

connections are
made at this stage

Here’s what your child could miss out without early schooling at the right age.

Improved social skills

No need for special education instruction

Better marks and enhanced attention spans

Fewer behavioural problems

Development milestones achieved

Better language development

Reduced discipline issues

Increased social interactions

Better life success

Getting highly skilled jobs

4 times more likely to graduate with high grades

EuroKids Early School Edge


Developed By
Child Psychologists


20 Years

3 Lac +

20,000 Hrs
Curriculum Research

Awards Won

6 Lac + Hours
In Training Our Partners

With over 20 years of preschool expertise, EuroKids Child-First teaching ideology is proven to provide holistic development for your child, even in an online environment.

EuroKids HomeBuddy App for Online Learning

Trust only the experts for continual learning!

Our HomeBuddy app is built to make learning interactive, effective and fun. The app ensures uninterrupted learning with a customized curriculum with host of features like Weekly Learning Plans, DIY activities, Parent Corner, Fun Zones and more

Ensuring a safe ecosystem
for early learning

Read about our pre school resumption COVID-19 protocols

Choose the right EuroKids program for your child!

1.8 - 3 Years
2.5 - 4 Years
3.5 - 5 Years
4.5 - 6 Years

At the heart of our preschooling child-first ideology is Eunoia - a mindful curriculum that enables holistic development of your child’s mind, body and soul

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