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All you need to get started

Investment of 12-15 lakhs*

Investment amount varies depending upon the size (1500+ sq. ft.) of the pre-school and the city

Long Term Vision

A business with sustained returns, provided one has a long-term vision towards the venture

why choose us

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1000+ Preschools
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350+cities and towns
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21+years of expertise
Childrens nurtured at Eurokids
500000+children nurtured

Edge 360 advantages

EuroKids Offering

Infrastructure & Ambience Design

Interior and exterior design, a standardised look, with branding support to enhance the aesthetics of your preschool

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Furniture & Equipment

Customized child-friendly furniture including toy cupboards, puppet units, special sofas, library, bag holders, storage units, etc.

Eurokids preschool curriculum

Researched Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the findings of a Harvard University research- ‘The Developing Child’ that helps develop Executive Function Skills.

Teaching aids logo

Teaching Aids

Our centres with daily teaching plans, creative workbooks, toys to build skills, texture painting sets, art & craft kits, etc

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Our associations with reputed banks make it easy to get collateral-free finance to start up your preschool.

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Teacher Training & Skill Updating

Teachers are refreshed their skills periodically through our online teacher training programs.

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Marketing & Operational Support

National level exposure through advertisements and TV commercials on media platforms, online campaigns and offline outdoor signages, events and activations.

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Lead Management Support

Potential leads who are looking to enrol their children into a Pre-School database is maintained.

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Business Management Portal

Manage day-to-day operations & track business performance with easy access to our online system.

Eunoia – A Mindful Curriculum

EUNOIA, the Mindful curriculum is derived from our Child First ideology, where the innocent & beautiful mind of a child is the inspiration for everything we do. Integrated with Fun based learning methodologies Eunoia, our pre-school curriculum gives a great mix of activities and games impacting MIND, BODY and SOUL thus building a strong foundation for the little children to learn, grow and imbibe essential life skills.

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Awards and Accolade

“ Brand of the Year ”

- FRO Awards-West India Edition 2021

“ Times Education Icons Awards 2020 ”

- Times Education Icons

“ EuroKids among top 100 most trusted brands in India ”

- TRA Brand Trust Report 2020

“ Innovation in Curriculum in Early Childhood Development ”

- World Education Awards 2019

“ India’s Top 100 Franchise Brands ”

- Franchising World 2019

“ Leading Preschool Chain ”

- World Education Awards 2019

Partner Testimonials

Partner Testimonials Ms Usha

Ms Usha

Partner Testimonials Neha Malpani

Neha Malpani

Partner Testimonials Rajeshwari Subramanian

Rajeshwari Subramanian

Partner Testimonials Sapna Meisheri

Sapna Meisheri

Partner Testimonials Ms Sheetal

Ms Sheetal


1. Do you provide assistance in setting-up infrastructure and a safe environment in the Pre-School. Can you help me create an appropriate ambience? Where do I purchase the equipment, books, toys, and other elements?

We provide every franchisee with the EuroKids ambience manual which lays out the aesthetics of the centre and showcases a standardised and uniform design and look that is mandated for each EuroKids Pre-School. The interiors of your Pre-School will have to be designed as per the guidelines given in the ambience manual.

We also provide you with in-school equipment, curriculum, welcome, readiness & theme kits, daily teaching plans for programs, curriculum CDs, toys and books and many other essentials at the time of starting the Pre-School.

2. I am new to running a Playschool franchise, how will I learn to manage the day-to-day operations at my new Pre-School?

We understand the Pre-Schooling business is new to you. We help you understand the finer aspects and challenges involved in operating a Pre-School franchise with the help of formal induction and training. Our daily operations have been simplified in a ‘standard operating procedures’ manual which spells out the operational aspects such as enquiry handling, fee management, academic processes, and safety guidelines, accounting procedures, transportation activities, purchase requirements, staff training and others. In addition, our operations support team is a phone call away to help you in your Pre-School operational needs

3. How do I decide if a location is appropriate to start a education franchise?

We have our representatives in all major cities, who will help you shortlist and choose locations that are ideal to set up your Pre-School. Our dedicated team will share with you valuable insights based on their years of expertise in the domain and will provide you the ideal helping hand & guidance that you will require at this stage.

4. How much time does it take to set up a school franchise?

From the time of first-level meeting, selection of location, signing the agreement & documentation plus infrastructure setup for the Pre-School, it may take up to 60 days to get your business operational

5. How many staff and other Pre-School personnel will I need to run my centre?

The number of staff and Pre-School personnel depend upon the number of students at your centres. We require you to maintain an adult:child ratio of 1:6. Hence, if you have 42 students enrolled at your Pre-School you will require 4 teachers, 2 maids, 1 centre head and 1 security personnel

Preschool Franchise Opportunity from EuroKids

Start your own preschool franchise with EuroKids and set the foundation for interactive curriculum through a robust learning education system for young minds.

Best Preschool Franchise in India

EuroKids is a leading expert in early childhood education. Join hands with the best playschool franchise in India and strengthen the childcare and early educational value in our tiny tots!

Start Your Education Franchise With EuroKids

Run a successful Nursery School Franchise with EuroKids through a profitable business model that has catered to 300000+ kids. Being the experts in childcare education, we have established our presence in 350+ locations.

Playschool Franchise Opportunity From EuroKids

Our curriculum includes both academics and extracurricular activities at EuroKids. Through an interactive syllabus, we offer both Kindergarten and Eunoia curriculum which focus on the development of cognitive skills through in-depth concepts. Open your own preschool with Eurokids today!

The EuroKids program appeals to parents looking for a home environment where their child can be observed, encouraged and supported, ensuring them a stress-free time at work. Our preschool program is designed to offer a learning home environment to our little learners.

Whether you seek autonomy as a boss or have a strong desire to succeed, EuroKids provides you with an ideal franchise opportunity. Implementing our business strategies requires your sincere effort. Children in India seeking early educational opportunities should consider Eurokids.

Best Preschool Franchise in India

Through our franchise support program Edge 360 we offer a wide variety of resources such as school design, furniture, teaching curriculum, operating procedures, student admission inquiries, teacher training, marketing assistance in local areas, and many other initiatives to help them establish and sustain franchise business. Our curriculum prepares children for more than just academics with a focus on social and emotional development. We offer a preschool franchise program that is designed to offer exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can learn, refine, and expand their skills. Our teachers ensure our preschoolers have meaningful and joyful learning experiences that prepare them for success in school and in life by using intentional teaching strategies, design of the learning environment, and enriched activities.

Start A School Franchise

With growing interest from parents and an evolving preschool business plan, playschools and early education are rising verticals in India. The Indian preschool business has now reached Rs 4000 crore in revenue and continues to grow at around 37% annually. Adding to every movement at EuroKids a foundation of trust, which motivates our staff to do their best, reflects on the smiles of our students, and ensures the success of our partners and preschool franchise business.