EuroKids DayCare

Our child-care expertise brings you DayCare services not only at workplaces, but also DayCare centres for parents looking for a safe and nurturing environment for their kids while they are away. We strive to provide a DayCare facility that promises the right kind of attention and support to help your child grow.

Unique Delivery Method
Over the years we have perfected the art of first drawing child’s attention and then keeping their mind engaged & making the learning process interesting

Learning with Engagement
The age appropriate activities focus on building Executive function skills, social skill & team work among children & help them learn new things

Trained & Experienced Staff
Every teacher at EuroKids is qualified & trained to impart education in a friendly and innovative manner

Child-friendly Ambience
Located in peaceful, up market locations wherein children are safe, nurtured, loved & encouraged to learn. We also have colourful and child friendly centre ambience

Hygiene & Health
We take complete care in maintaining hygiene at all our preschools & Daycare, and our centres are equipped with CCTV cameras for children safety

Nutritious Meal Plans
We take care of your child’s nutrition by offering them a safe and nutritious diet plan at out DayCare

Real-time Monitoring
Emphasis on child safety is of utmost importance and hence the organization has introduced a new safety feature, “Eye-ball Monitoring” at all its daycare centers. This system gives an account of real-time happenings at the daycare, enhancing child safety and prevents the occurrence of an untoward incident at the facility.

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