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The preschool franchise business is suitable for individuals who want to start a business that is long-term in nature, investment friendly and has the potential to give stable returns. When you start a pre-school franchise business, you will require hard work, commitment and a partner who has the complete knowledge of how to run a successful pre-school franchise. EuroKids is that perfect partner who will help you start your franchise with its expert knowledge and support structure which it gives new partners.


Our EDGE360 franchisee support program helps you with school design, furniture, teaching curriculum, operating procedures, student admission enquiries, teacher training material, marketing support in local areas, and several other support initiatives which will help you establish and sustain your franchise.

Edge 360 advantages

EuroKids Offering

Infrastructure & Ambience Design

We design the pre-school for you, by sharing with you the interior and exterior design, standardised look of the preschool, branding visuals, and logos which help you create an attractive pre-school.

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Furniture & Equipment

Our team provides child-friendly furniture with rounded edges, customized furniture like children’s tables and chairs, toy cupboards, puppet units, special sofas, children’s library, bag holders, storage units, fun room equipment, reception area etc.

Eurokids preschool curriculum

Researched Curriculum

Our Curriculum is established on the basis of research findings by Centre of The Developing Child at Harvard University; that focuses on developing 'Executive Function Skills' in young children.

Teaching aids logo

Teaching Aids

We share with you the curriculum that teachers must disseminate at your pre-school. We provide daily teaching plans, pre-formatted curriculum, toys to build skills in children, texture painting sets, art & craft kits, sand kits, creative workbooks which help children to learn and develop holistically.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

We have associations with reputed banks who will provide collateral-free finance, if you would like to take a loan to start up your pre-school.

Eurokids Teacher training logo

Teacher Training & Skill Updating

We help teachers to test their knowledge and refresh their skills periodically through our online teacher training programs. These programs are backed by regular audits which are done to ensure that our teachers remain the best in the business.

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Marketing & Operational Support

We provide you national level advertising through print ads and television commercials and help with local area support like outdoor signages, events and activations.

Offerings icon - Eurokids

Lead Management Support

At the time of admissions we provide you Prospective leads who are looking to enrol their children into a Pre-School.

Business management portal icon

Business Management Portal

Easy access to our online system, which helps the franchise partner to manage day to day operations & track business performance.


EuroKids programs offer age appropriate curriculum focused on developing Executive Functional Skills that help children learn, play and engage in a fun based environment.

  • Playgroup: 1.8 to 3 Years
  • Nursery: 2.5 to 4 Years
  • EuroJunior: 3.5 to 5 Years
  • EuroSenior: 4.5 to 6 years

A Mindful Curriculum

EUNOIA, the Mindful curriculum is derived from our Child First ideology, where the innocent & beautiful mind of a child is the inspiration for everything we do. Integrated with Fun based learning methodologies Eunoia, our pre-school curriculum gives a great mix of activities and games impacting MIND, BODY and SOUL thus building a strong foundation for the little children to learn, grow and imbibe essential life skills.

Eurofit logo

A fitness program designed by international trainers to develop motor skills, body strength, mind to muscle connection, a strong athletic base and a love for fitness.

Yoga Kids logo

A specially designed Yoga program for EuroKids that helps children use their body in a healthy way through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.

Euromusic logo

An outcome-based music program that includes engaging songs, picture books and music videos to teach young children important skills.

Mindful+ logo

Mindfulness helps to focus on the present and anchor present moment awareness. It is a great tool to help children develop self-regulation, manage emotions and improve concentration.

Euphonics logo

The language-based program provides a reading foundation based on the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Phonics approach teaches to decode words by sounds, rather than recognising whole words.

Mathlab logo

The program provides an opportunity to discover mathematics by helping to visualise, manipulate, reason out and understand concepts. The hands-on experience helps to understand abstract math concepts through concrete objects and repeated experience.

Scientific Spark logo

Science is a way of understanding the world around us based on observation, investigation, prediction, evidence and reasoning. Scientific thinking is all about finding and discovering new truths and asking and answering questions.

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All you need to get started

Investment of 5 lakhs*

The investment amount varies depending upon the size of the pre-school and the city in which you are present in.

Long Term Vision

Partners must join the franchise network by recognising that this is a business with sustained returns, provided one has a long-term vision towards the venture.

EuroKids At A Glance

Our leadership team consists of individuals with expertise in early education and those who have dedicated years towards understanding young children & their learning needs. They are at the forefront of driving innovations & strategic initiatives at EuroKids and are responsible for recalibrating the benchmark of pre-schooling in the country. Efforts towards continuous innovations, have defined our progress and is the reason why we are among one of India’s most preferred pre-schools.


1. Do you provide assistance in setting-up infrastructure and a safe environment in the Pre-School. Can you help me create an appropriate ambience? Where do I purchase the equipment, books, toys, and other elements?

We provide every franchisee with the EuroKids ambience manual which lays out the aesthetics of the centre and showcases a standardised and uniform design and look that is mandated for each EuroKids Pre-School. The interiors of your Pre-School will have to be designed as per the guidelines given in the ambience manual.

We also provide you with in-school equipment, curriculum, welcome, readiness & theme kits, daily teaching plans for programs, curriculum CDs, toys and books and many other essentials at the time of starting the Pre-School.

2. I am new to running a Pre-School franchise, how will I learn to manage the day-to-day operations at my new Pre-School?

We understand the Pre-Schooling business is new to you. We help you understand the finer aspects and challenges involved in operating a Pre-School franchise with the help of formal induction and training. Our daily operations have been simplified in a ‘standard operating procedures’ manual which spells out the operational aspects such as enquiry handling, fee management, academic processes, and safety guidelines, accounting procedures, transportation activities, purchase requirements, staff training and others. In addition, our operations support team is a phone call away to help you in your Pre-School operational needs

3. How do I decide if a location is appropriate to start a Pre-School?

We have our representatives in all major cities, who will help you shortlist and choose locations that are ideal to set up your Pre-School. Our dedicated team will share with you valuable insights based on their years of expertise in the domain and will provide you the ideal helping hand & guidance that you will require at this stage.

4. How much time does it take to set up a Pre-School centre?

From the time of first-level meeting, selection of location, signing the agreement & documentation plus infrastructure setup for the Pre-School, it may take up to 60 days to get your business operational

5. How many staff and other Pre-School personnel will I need to run my centre?

The number of staff and Pre-School personnel depend upon the number of students at your centres. We require you to maintain an adult:child ratio of 1:6. Hence, if you have 42 students enrolled at your Pre-School you will require 4 teachers, 2 maids, 1 centre head and 1 security personnel

6. Do you have any tie-ups with financial institution from where I can receive financial assistance for opening a new Pre-School?

Yes, currently we do have a tie-up with leading nationalized bank - SBI-through which we offer collateral-free finance for starting your own EuroKids Pre-School.

Exclusive Features:
  • Collateral-free loan
  • Tenure up to 5 years
  • Concession on interest rate for women franchise owners
  • Moratorium period of 3 months for payment of principal & interest


“ Brand of the Year ”

- FRO Awards-West India Edition 2021

“ Times Education Icons Awards 2020 ”

- Times Education Icons

“ EuroKids among top 100 most trusted brands in India ”

- TRA Brand Trust Report 2020

“ Innovation in Curriculum in Early Childhood Development ”

- World Education Awards 2019

“ India’s Top 100 Franchise Brands ”

- Franchising World 2019

“ Leading Preschool Chain ”

- World Education Awards 2019